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Unlock the potential of your teams with My Business

Digital Transformation with My Business

With My Business, you now can pick and choose different widgets when assembling a process. These processes are aimed to help companies with process management and in turn, make it a unified solution.

Utilizing My Business allows flexible process management, from anywhere, and across all devices. Along with allowing the remote filing of forms; My business helps you give your knowledge workers the freedom to work effectively from any location. Less time spent on internal bureaucracy, means more time to focus on getting the job done.

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Digitize your business processes with Team on the Run

Unify your business with our all in one process management tool. API’s, algorithms, case management in an all in one creative suite to take business process management to the next level. My business gives you the ability to store business forms directly within the Team on the Run interface. Your team can download, fill out, and submit your customized forms, such as order forms or vacation requests, straight from Team on the Run

My Business is truly customizable and scalable to match the individual needs of your business. It builds upon, and enhances the secure communications solution that makes TOTR successful. With the ability to choose the processes that best suit your company’s needs, My Business allows you to digitize all your old processes into one platform.

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What’s Included?

Task management, workflows, communications, all in one:

  • Access to a Library of Standard Processes
  • Create specific process adapted to Company’s requirements
  • On all screens, with outstanding UX, integrated with comms
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