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Team on the Run releases long list of Business Process Communication features, new plans and great value


PARIS, FR (12-09-2015) - Team on the Run (TOTR), the Business Process Communication solution, released today an extensive list of new features available now on their SaaS portal at an extremely competitive price per user.

This extensive list of powerful mobile business features is bundled into three separate plans with a monthly fee of 2, 4 or 6 USD depending on each company’s needs in terms of secure messaging, free worldwide calls and real-time geolocation.

Team on the Run brings affordable mobile workforce communication tools to your company

Team on the Run is an innovative business solution positioned in the intersection between workforce and business process management that in addition incorporates a wide range of secure communication options.  Team on the Run’s technology is scalable enough to manage the largest corporations while remaining affordable enough for small entrepreneurs.

Highlights from the full list of features - available at  – include:

·         Private Group and Department Chats

·         Company Web Administration Portal

·         Usage Reports

·         Mobile Corporate Directory

·         Integration with External Storage

·         Battery Life and Data Plan friendly settings

·         Communication secured using Advanced Encryption

·         Remote Data wipe-out

·         Two-Step Authentication

·         Virtual Walkie-Talkie with unlimited Closed Channels and Worldwide Range

·         Mobile, Desktop and Tablet VoIP Calls and Push-To-Talk

·         Real-time Geolocation on the Map

·         Web- Based Dispatch Panel

·         Exportable Speed and Location History Reports

·         Push-to-talk to agents directly from Web Control Panel

·         Agent Availability Status


Team on the Run offers a free 30 day trial for companies of all sizes and a free plan for small teams of 5 or less users.

About Team on the Run

Team on the Run is a business process communication platform for teams who love winning. It allows you to give work orders to your personnel quickly and efficiently, which helps make your team more agile. The solution covers all critical communications needs to run your business, whether on app, tablet, or PC. Clear VoIP voice and Push-to-talk allow you to replace a variety of obsolete phone and walkie-talkie devices.  Encrypted instant messaging, along with file sharing and comprehensive data protection, provide further security. TOTR also includes geolocation tracking and reporting capabilities. Empower your team today! Learn more and sign up at

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