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Team on the Run Changes the Game in the Fleet Management Industry by Offering All-in-One Innovative Fleet Management Software + Full Business Mobile Communication Suite


Team on the Run (TOTR), the popular all-in-one mobile business solution, announced today the addition of advanced Geolocation Features. This technology allows Dispatch Managers to locate fleet members closest to a given address on a map, and establish secure and instant contact directly from the mobile control panel for maximum efficiency.

The Team on the Run SaaS service, available at, provides tools designed to ensure the smooth operation of any organization, and with these new fleet management features it is especially ideal for public or private, big or small, transportation companies - or any organization with a fleet of vehicles or any kind of deployed agents.

The Team on the Run SaaS solution is easy to deploy and does not require long, complex and expensive installation on your vehicles. Team on the Run’s Private Web Portal now doubles as a Mobile Dispatch Center that, when enabled, allows managers to:

·         Locate and Track fleet members on the map On-Demand

·         Dispatch the closest vehicles to a given address

·         Call, Walkie-Talkie, Push-to-Talk or send text messages directly from control panel to agents

·         Create reports and retrieve vehicle location history

·         NFC-Tag vehicles and mobile devices to identify agents on the control panel

“When we receive a request for a car, I quickly locate the closest available driver and contact him immediately through the Team on the Run mobile dispatch center. Customers wait less and I have seen a reduction in the gas expenditure of my fleet.” - explains local town car business owner.

In addition to Geolocation services, Team on the Run users benefit from premium communication features and advantages over competing products such as:

·         VoIP Calls

·         Secure Multimedia Messaging

·         Easy, quick installation process and no hidden fees

·         Mobile Corporate Directory from which to contact drivers directly

·         Addition of new mobile devices and vehicles to the fleet within minutes

·         Instant identification and link between vehicle and driver on control panel

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Team on the Run is a business messaging power tool for smartphone, tablet, and PC. This app provides industrial end-to-end security, ensuring your corporate privacy. The tool guarantees safe and verifiable reception of all your messages: text, corporate documents, maps, contacts, photos, videos, music, and more! Help your team – including remote colleagues and field teams - to communicate instantly wherever they are. Visit today for cutting edge mobile business tools to improve your operational efficiency, save time, increase customer satisfaction, and increase your bottom line.

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